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:::: STEP 1: receipt ::::
The Seals are delivered in closed «trays» containing 25 pieces. Each tray contains a label with serial markings for easier cataloging.
:::: STEP 2: seal extraction ::::
By pressing the thumb the transparent covering is broken on the single unit and the seal is extracted and the wire unwinds.
:::: STEP 3: seal registration ::::
Under every seal a label with a unique number (barcode) is found, identical to that on the extracted seal. The label is stuck on the relevant work order or similar document. With the SECOSEC protection system, we enable the user to advance his business by the use of hand terminals with built in barcode readers. And the input of data to the terminal memory.
:::: STEP 4: sealing ::::

The seal wire (length 140mm) is inserted through the provided opening on the location to be sealed.
The free end of the safety wire is wrapped using the channel on the Seal and the upper end of the Seal is extended outwards.
Assembly is completed by inserting the body of the Seal in the housing.
Using both hands with fingers on the top and bottom of the housing press both parts together until a «click» is not heard, a sound which signifies the stacking of the steel feather and its entry into the protective position.
Seal assembly, if needed, may include adhereing the labels which are part of the Seal packing.
Once assembled, the Seal can no longer be disassembled without visible damage or destruction.

:::: SEAL REMOVAL ::::
Every attempt to disassemble the Seal is clearly visible. On the picture an unauthorised disassembly is shown using pliers.
The breaking point of the wire is optimal and is set to 50N or 5Kg. At this setting, accidental breakage is prevented, as intentional breakage by a normal adult person is relatively easy.


The Safety Seal is designed to be used by: Customs services, on measuring devices, warehouses, containers, railroad cars, truck bodies and trailers, tankers, reservoirs, military equipment, valuable consignments and everywhere where complete protection against unauthorised access and handling is required.


  • Applying SECOSEC, management and security systems are enabled.
  • SECOSEC is the safety element of protection which cannot be opened without destruction or visible damage.
  • The barcode makes each SECOSEC seal a unique informatic element.
  • SECOSEC ensures registration of distribution and aplliance.
  • SECOSEC enables the customer to succefully manage each protected object.
  • SECOSEC is produced in various types (model, colour, logo, alphanumeric marking, possible optional additions to the wire, follow up work stickers....), thus increasing the informatic spectrum of use.
  • The SECOSEC Seal has an inbuilt protection which prevents the forging of the original product.
  • The SECOSEC is applied manually without the use of tools.
  • The registration of SECOSEC is assured due to the «basic pack» with a seperate box for each seal, facilitating its distribution.
  • SECOSEC is made of high quality plastic material, the safety wire is non-corrosive and the laser print of the barcode and logo is legible and durable.
  • The SECOSEC system facilitates the working process and considerably decreases business expenses.

To potential customers, SHACKO offers the complete solution of the SECOSEC Safety System, in the shape of comprehensive engineering services, containing :

  • Long term and orderely delivery of contracted quantities
  • Unity of numbering
  • Top quality production by applying
    ISO 9001 DNV/2000 standards


:: technical specifications | area & method of use | distribution & packaging ::


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