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The SHACKO Ltd. Company of Split has been in production and the remanufacturing of plastic and metal products, with own production lines: from the preparation of production - construction and manufacturing of tools to final production of the most technologically sophisticated of plastic and metal products.
For the needs of the Croatian Electrical Industry, SECOSEC Protection Sytems with Safety Coded Seal has been in continous use since 1997 throughout the whole of the territory of the Republic of Croatia.
Following the criteria set by the quality policy of SHACKO Ltd. World quality standards were established in SECOSEC production, according to ISO 9001, certified by Det Norske Veritas.
The Croatian Chamber of Commerce awarded the SECOSEC system the award of «Authentic Croatian Product», acheiving, maintaining and continously innovating the quality of the products related to standards set, satisfying customers expectations – its business idea in company development.
Thus, in addition to standard production and deliveries, investing in own research and construction solutions, preparing a new generation of production programmes.

Customer satisfaction in accordance with professional standards and etiquette are the best rewards for a well done job.

Through the permanent streaming towards the development of production possibilities and the creation of high quality products, SECOSEC was born.
- The Coded Safety Seal system of protection with the protective cover- a complete Croatian product made from components supplied by Croatian producers satisfying world standards and quality.
Through the SECOSEC protection system-the seal is used as a key protection/identification/informative element ensures that the customer/user controls and manages all phases of the business process and thus eliminates abuse of the objects under protection.
Thus achieving considerable savings, safety, protection of own interests, organisation and a lowering of business costs. SECOSEC is a product consisting of three inseperable parts: the body, insert and safety wire combined into one unit. This is the safety element of protection which is impossible to open without the destruction or visible damage with a built-in protection technology preventing the forgery of the original product.

During the development of product design and research, various factors were taken into consideration concerning the use and life of the seal, applying high standards of technology to the development of a seal with multiple functions. Such a developed product confirmed a highly original solution by acheiving a Gold Medal at the 6th Croatian Salon of Innovations INOVA 1997 in Zagreb, a Gold Medal at the International Expostion of Innovations IENA 1997 in Nurnburg and a Gold Medal at the World Exhibition in Geneva in 1998.
The Croatian State Institute for Intellectual Property, maintains the patent protection procedure for SECOSEC in the Republic of Croatia and through PCT in other states on an international level.

Ivan Jelavić (1936.-2001.)
founder of SHACKO Ltd.

Began his working career in the Split shipyard, moving on to «Termfriz» as Manager on the level of contracting, projecting and work execution. He then accepted the position of Head of Representing Office of IMP, Ljubljiana for Dalmatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Montenegro. After a while he founded the «Jelaplast» company. Through enlarging the company he arrived at «Jelacom». For the needs of his company, he established a tool production company under the name of «Alatplast».
Cooperating with many companies, most importantly with «Jugoplastika» (thermoplastics-car parts) «Jela plast» and «Alatplast» merged into one company, «SHACKO Ltd.».
He is the inventor of plastic trays for plants, which was awarded as the Best Invention in Dalmatia 1994 and safety coded seals under the name of SECOSEC.

The solution and quality of this product, as well as the specific innovation of this invention were awarded with:

  • Gold Medal, Croatian Salon of Innovations, Zagreb, 1997.
  • Gold Medal, International Exposition of Innovations, IENA Nürnberg, 1997.
  • Gold Medal, World Exposition of Innovations, Geneva, 1998.

Inventor Ivo Jelavić is proclaimed as the most successful innovator of 1997 in Dalmatia by the DIATUS and he is the holder of the special award for Best Innovator and Entrepreneur in Croatia at the Innovation Salon INOVA 98 in Zagreb.


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