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Today most protective seals are made of lead, tin-plastic and similar seals which by their construction, materials, installation system, lack of distribution and usage control, give a false sense of security wherein lies the possibility of abusing the seal and the object protected.
Usually the seals are applied using special tools-pliers which «lock» the seal. These seals can generally be «opened» and eventually «locked» again without visible damage to the seal.
Abuse is possible by those who provide protection as well as those who are the reason for such measures.
the appliance of such protection systems do not satisfy safety, economic, legal and other requirements. The object of protection loses its functional purpose and the subject of protection loses its basic interest.


The purpose of a protection seal is to prevent the unauthourised handling, use and substitution of protected objects, which are protected by special rules and regulations.
To increase the protective function of the seal, proper records of the distribution and use of each seal must be maintained.
As each particular object of protection is unique, so must each particular seal be a unique element of information. Through the appliance of information technology during the reading and maintainance of records of the use of seals, errors during the reading and usage control are eliminated.
By the appliance of such a system, a controlled protection system is established which allows a higher standard of management.



Noticing the non-existant or illusory protection systems on the market and the faults of existing security seals, SHACKO has developed its own protective system known as SECOSEC, the basic element being the Safety Coded Seal.

SECOSEC with its protection system, enables the customer to control and manage all phases of the business process and prevent abuse. Thus protecting his interests, modernising the working process and cosiderably decreasing business costs.

The SECOSEC protective system ensures:

The physical protection of the object is assured by the original seal closure system, which absolutely prevents the eventual opening of the seal without distruction or visible damage to the seal itself. By the insertion of a protective wire and by the the closure of the coded safety seal, the removal of the wire is disabled.
The aplliance (locking) of the Coded Safety Seal is done manually without the use of any tools.The body of the Seal is made of high quality plastic material, stable under all conditions of use. The protective wire is a special two-core corrugated alloy, elastic and non-corrosive with a custom tailored length.

The subject and the object of protection are described by the visual identification characteristics of SECOSEC. The Seal colour is the first which identifies the protected object ( i.e. Green is Household, Yellow – industry, Black - any control, Blue .... etc.). The logo on the body of the Seal identifies the customer. Alphanumeric identification on the body of the Seal guarantees a unique ID as well as other information recorded as per customer request. Additional elements ( stickers, etc.) enable additional identification and use.
By the analysis of the scope of the business and protecton requirements, SHACKO will suggest and offer the optimal SECOSEC system to the customer.

Appliance of the barcode enables the follow up of SECOSEC by the customer from its start, distribution, assembly, control and removal.

The SECOSEC Seal with its barcode tailored to conform to computer control.


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