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DIMENSIONS: 24 x 16 x 8 mm
WEIGHT: 3,1 g\m2
Breaking Point: 50 N
At assembly: from -20 to 100C
permanently resistant to petroleum and all oil rafinates and sustainable on contact with sulphuric acid, chloirde acid, acetone, trichlorethylene... (details available in quality standards).


The CODED SECURITY SEAL consists of three inseperable parts: the body, insert and safety wire made in one piece and additional elements as per customer request ( flag/banner, control label, warning tag etc.) The parts of the Seal are shown on the picture:

  1. receptacle
  2. plug
  3. connection thread
  4. sealing wire (two tin-plated copper wires of which one measures 0,3mm diameter spiraly wrapped around the second measuring 0,5mm in diameter)
  5. safety feather
  6. laser engraved bar code

Physical protection of the Coded Safety Seal is ensured by the original closure system, which absolutely disables eventual opening withou destruction or signs of visible damage to the Seal components.


Click on the square to view the seal in a particular colour

Identification markings on the Coded Safety Seal are enhanced with model, colour, logo and alphanumeric markings on the seal, as well as with other additional elements.


The colour of the Seal is the first identifier of the object protected ( i.e. Green domestic use, Yellow industrial, Black control, Blue........).


The computerised function of the Coded Safety Seal is enabled through the barcode and Alphanumeric standard marking on the body of the Seal which is used in the management and protection system.


The Logo on the Seal body identifies the subject of protection/customer.
In addition to the barcode the Logo is engraved by laser into the Seal body.


Additional elements (labels, flags/banners, etc.) enable additional identification and friendler usage.

:: technical specifications | area & method of use | distribution & packaging ::


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