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The producer follows the path of each seal through all phases of production, control, packing and delivery. Part of this information is visible on the package label, where the contents of the package and common characteristics of the seals are clearly stated (numbering range, model, colour, specific markings, etc.). By following all phases of production (i.e. registry of the persons in production, control and packing) SHACKO assures and guarantees the safety component of the seal which is very important in the production of such products, as well as guaranteeing uniqueness. The prouction of the Safety Seal may be compared with the production of bank notes.
All the above ensures this product is absolutely safe and easy to apply.

The basic packing contains 1000 peices in one colour. E.g. 40 trays with 25 Seals in transparent packing. Each pack is labelled with the serial numbers of the seals contained therein. The basic pack is also the minimal quantity available for delivery. As per requirement, seals may be delivered with or without wires of 100mm in length. In agreement with the customer, markings on the seal are defined in detail, as is the laser engraved logo or stamp.

The tray contains 25 seals: 5 pieces in 5 rows.
The edging around each seal is perforated for easy breakage, ensuring that later closure is not possible.

A required number of working stickers are placed under each seal (most commonly 1 or 2) made of good quality paper. Each working sticker contains a unique serial number ( barcode identical to the dependant seal) as well as the customer's logo.

For easier distribution, every tray in the upper right hand corner has a «naming label». The naming label shows the range of serial numbers contained in the tray. Thus specifying the contents and ensuring the intentional and unintentional mistakes in the distribution and use of the Safety Seals are avoided.

The shape and size of the tray is adjusted to paper size A4 (210x297mm), an additional wing on the upper side (20mm) and perforated holes for carrying in standard folders or registers. The thickness of the tray is 10mm.

Before production begins, details of visual identification such as colour, logo, serial numbers, labels and stamps are agreed with the customer. Minimum quantity for one colour is 1000 pieces e.g. one basic pack. The customer is obliged to provide the logo which will be engraved by laser on each seal (maybe scanned from a memorandum letter, calling card, or maybe in digital format). Final production starts only when the customer approves all details of visual identification (a sketch of the prototype is sent by fax, email, mail....).

Complete production is entirely within our production facilities and with automatically controlled processes and superb organisation enables us to fulfill even extremely high series within short terms as many of our customers have already discovered.


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